3D Signs

3D Signs, quite literally, give definition and shape to your business.

3 Dimensional signs make your business stand out from the crowded competition. It’s all too easy for potential customers to overlook flat, single dimensional signage but the added depth of 3D is unmissable. You can also add in illumination for an enhanced effect with shadows, highlighting or halo effects creating a truly memorable impression.

At Smilee Design we craft 3D signs from a wide range of materials and our unlimited range of colour options, high definition printing processes, and technical expertise means you’ll be assured of a spectacular result.

Give your business the professional image you’ve been looking for with a Smilee Design 3D sign.

Where Can I Use A 3D Sign?

Naturally draw people to your store as they walk by.

3D signs have so many uses both for indoor and outdoor advertising, brand recognition, and messaging. Giant, oversized 3D signs are perfect for logos and brand names on prominent external walls and facades.

These 3D signs deliver the ultimate in high impact marketing and instant brand recognition. Smaller 3D signs, especially with illumination, are great for street level promotion and work really well at enticing people off the footpath and through your door.

3D signs are also ideal for inside retail outlets or commercial offices to direct people’s attention to areas of importance. Raised or recessed laser-cut lettering or patterns or blocking are just some of the options you can choose to create that eye-catching 3D look. Various types of lighting add additional depth.

For example, 3D signs illuminated from below or with LED lights directly behind give very different effects. There are so many options and we can discuss these with you and advise on what will work best for your requirements.

3D Signs With A Difference

taking your business to a whole new dimension.

The team at Smilee Design have years of experience in creating 3D signs with a visible difference. Our inspirational graphic designers can discuss with you how colours, backgrounds and material choices can generate the optimal visual impact.

Long-life material options, precision laser cutting and colour-fast digital printing all mean your 3D signs will be proudly pointing the way to your business for many years.

All our workmanship is guaranteed and our reputation for superior customer satisfaction is based on many years of experience. We are fully-trained installers and we are fully insured for additional peace of mind.