Bus Wraps & Signage

Bus wraps are the perfect mobile advertisement.

Using bus wraps to advertise your business, send a promotional message or increase your brand reach is more cost effective than almost any other form of advertising.

The large surface area on buses are perfect for extraordinary graphics, larger than life images and in your face colours that make people sit up and take notice.

Whether people are waiting at the lights, or at the bus stop, or travelling behind your bus, bus wraps demand their attention.

Special effects, touches of humour, and optical illusions means you can reach out to your customers in unforgettable ways with a Smilee Design bus wrap.

Research shows that more than 40% of Australians see ads on buses and that nearly 80% of those people will respond in a meaningful way to those ads.

Those are compelling statistics and the reality is the price of a bus wrap is so low you’ll recover the cost in very little time.

Types of Bus Wraps

We can wrap your business around any size bus including double-decker buses.

That massive marketing potential of the front, sides, rear panels, and even the windows can be used to make your business stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Our expert graphics designers can transform your own marketing logos and messages into a bus size wrap or we can work with you to create completely new graphics material.

Our ability to place text and graphics in precisely the right way allows us to create some really magical effects including 3D optical illusions and sparkling, lively imagery.

We provide an extensive range of bus wrap service options from single panel vinyl vehicle stickers and rear-window one-way vision decals to partial wraps and full front, side and back vehicle wraps.

You can check out our pricing guide here to help you choose the right option for your business.

What Businesses use Bus Wraps?

A Smilee bus wrap is ideal for any business or organisation that needs to create a powerful visual and emotional impact.

The following are just some of the ways bus wraps can be used to move your message:

  • Transport company promotions
  • Travel and vacation deals
  • Real Estate agents, and lawyers
  • Concerts and special events
  • Community & social messaging
  • Opticians, chemists, medical centres
  • Construction companies

You name it and we can put it on a bus and speed your message round the city and interstate faster than you can say it’s a wrap.

What’s the Smilee Design advantage?

Our reputation for superior customer satisfaction is based on our years of experience creating exceptional vehicle wraps.

We use only the highest quality materials (Avery’s vinyl, Roland VG2 printers, TrueVis ink) and with lamination to provide exceptional durability.

We are fully-trained industry accredited installers and we’re fully insured. Smilee Design; get on the bus for better business.