Gain More Trust from Your Client

Gain More Trust from Your Client

Simple Touch Make Huge Different on Your Ride

Simple Touch Make Huge Different on Your Ride

Size Not a Problem

Size Not a Problem

Car Decals create an effective advertising solution for company vehicles. Easy to remove, these graphics provide a low-cost and fast signage solution for your business.

  • Easy to remove
  • Fast turn-around time
  • Installed by our professional installer at your place or at our workshop.
  • Cheaper and quicker alternative to full vehicle wraps
  • Can be applied on both bodywork and glass
  • Can be applied on any vehicle like car, van truck, boat, motor bike, etc.

If your organisation is in need of increased exposure, investing in custom car decals for your business vehicles is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your brand’s recognition and reach the masses, without having to blow your budget.

We know what it takes to grab the attention of your potential customers, and a sharp looking design is absolutely essential. Our design team will work with you to ensure that you receive a captivating design that will work wonders in terms of advertising your business.

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Car Decals in Sydney

If you are looking for a professional looking and high quality car decal, you have come to the right place. We’re SmiLee Design, an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in all kinds of customised car decals.

No project is too small, large, simple or complex for us so whether you need custom car decals for personal or business use, we can help you out.

Our team of creative designers and sign writers work extra hard at making the best quality and most effective customized car decals and graphics for our clients.

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you in your quest for the perfect custom made car decals.

SmiLee Design has a reputation for being the most trusted car decals company in Sydney. Our experience is put to work for our clients, and we’re sure that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the product(s) that you receive from us.

We also offer quick turn around times and you have the option of getting your new car decal in Sydney professionally applied by one of our team.

Benefits of Car Decals

  • Easy to apply and easy to remove
  • They are a cheaper alternative to full vehicle wraps
  • Can be applied on both glass and bodywork

Business & Personalised Car Decals In Sydney

Car restoration and personalisation is a hobby that millions of Australians enjoy. Some people simply like adding some extra flare to their cars whilst others like to customise their vehicle in time for a special occasion or event.

The scope of creation that car vinyl decals allow is never ending, so whether you’re looking for a way to customise your car(s) for business or personal reasons, we can certainly help you out.

Don’t forget that car decals are not just for cars. Our customers love using our decals to customise their boats, trucks, trailers, motorbikes, golf carts and motorhomes etc.

Customized car decals are the perfect solution for companies with vehicles that are looking for an inexpensive, cost-effective advertising option.

Increasing the exposure of your business, brand or event is one of the best ways to grow revenue and increase interest in your products, but advertising is often a costly undertaking and one that businesses blow huge budgets on every year.

Car decals, however, are a highly effective advertising option that doesn’t come at great cost. Here are just some of the advantages of getting customized car decals on your vehicles:

  • No recurring costs: When you get decals for your cars, you aren’t going to run into recurring costs like you would with something like a billboard or a shop sign. The designs can simply be removed or changed when they are no longer relevant.
  • More exposure: A billboard is going to only be seen in the place where it is stationed; car decals on the other hand are completely mobile and will be seen in more places all over the area.
  • You vehicles can earn money: Vehicles have maintenance cost, insurance and fuel to cover – a decal can be used to cover these running costs.
  • It’s easily removed and changed: Removing and changing decal when it is no longer useful is incredibly simple.
  • It’s noticeable: Your car is going to stand out like a sore thumb when it’s covered in colourful, cool designs and this will make it more effective at attracting business.
  • Our exciting and experienced designers love to work on new, challenging designs for our clients. They are well known for producing the highest calibre customized car decals for companies all over the region.

The Best Quality Custom Car Decals In Sydney

If your company is looking to get a vehicle, or a whole fleet, customized in order to attract new business, then you have come to the right place. At SmiLee Designs, we know exactly what looks good on your car and what will make people notice your advertisements without breaking the bank.

We are an Australian company that is owner run, so we can understand the stresses of running a business in this fast-paced city that we live in.

Naturally, the key concern of all businesses is the bottom line. As such, it makes sense that companies try to cut corners where they can, particularly in the early stages of business, to maximise the potential for success. Advertising and marketing are crucial investments, however, you don’t actually need vast sums of money to make a lasting impact on customers and generate the kind of impressions that one might think can only come from crafty digital marketing.

Car decals for Sydney businesses can be found here at SmiLee Design and are a wonderful way to not only get your brand or business name out there, but they are a much more affordable option with the potential to deliver an exceptional return on your investment.

At SmiLee Design, we are a highly creative studio that can cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes in this regard. Whether it is a single car or a fleet of company cars that you wish to equip with eye-catching branding, rest assured that we can achieve this for you on time and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Customised Car Decals Can Make You Money

If you are a busy company that runs promotions throughout the year and regularly invest in advertising on the radio, television and print media, then the likelihood is that you could bolster this marketing effort without having to pay the high rates that prime locations demand and get the same result from a few strategically parked company cars fitted with SmiLee Design decals.

Better still, rather than invest in a marketing push that will be over in a month, you can simply strip away the old decal, apply another one and keep this strategy active and fresh all year around.

Here at SmiLee Design, we are the one-stop shop car decals company that can equip you with an original, brand-specific design and get it out onto the road in jig time. We believe in working with our clients on a one-to-one basis to ensure that when we deliver, you will be more than happy with the finished product.

What’s more, investing in this form of marketing enables you to remain present in the eyes of your target audience without coming across as aggressively pursuing them. Junk mail, spam, and leaflets forced into hands can create an adverse reaction, whereas that nice looking car with those tidy brand lines and clear messages can lodge quickly in the mind and pay dividends later.

Wrapping your company cars is also a clever way to protect their resale value. At SmiLee Design, our adhesives and vinyl wraps are easy to remove and are made from environmentally friendly products.

Contact Us Today For Custom Car Decals

Those seeking out custom car stickers in Sydney need to look no further than right here at SmiLee Design if they want a personal service that offers all of the conveniences of an online store. We have an exceptional reputation all across the city and we guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the work we do, we will continue to adjust it until you are.

So, don’t let the possibility of profits slip you by. Invest in customized car decals delivered by SmiLee Design today and take the smart shortcut into the eyes and minds of your target audience.

At SmiLee Designs, we understand your potential customers and what it is that they are looking for. Our business is highly regarded for creating car decals that are of the highest quality and that stand out – all within your budget.

We are a popular local signage company and we don’t just specialise in custom car decals in Sydney. Contact us for more information on our T-shirt Printing, Car Wrapping, Window Frosting, Van Signwriting, Vehicle Wraps, Care Signs, Custom Car Stickers, Window Graphics, Glass Frosting Signs and Store Signs.

Give us a call on 0425 444 988, or pop us an email on if there is any more information that you would like on our custom car decals and other branded products.

If you have any questions about our car decals, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can call us on 0425 444 988 or email us anytime at We look forward to taking your vehicle to a whole new level of customisation and value.
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