Car Wrapping 101: Everything You Need to Know About Car Wraps

With the rise of technology, there are now multiple ways to advertise your business. But car wrapping is a must-have for any business with company vehicles. Not only does car wrapping work as a mobile form of advertisement, but it always works as a way to let your existing customers and potential future customers know that you’re a reliable and professional business.

If you’re not sure what car wrapping is exactly, we’re here to help. For everything you need to know about car wrapping and why your business needs it, check out this guide. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is Car Wrapping?

A car wrap is a vinyl decal or series of vinyl decals that attach to the body frame of a car. These decals can take a simple car and drastically change the way it looks to better fit your business. There are multiple design options ranging from matte to glossy, and much more.

Vinyl car wrapping is different from a new paint job because the vinyl decals are not permanent. If proper maintenance is kept up while the decals are in place, removing them is simple and won’t affect the paint on the car.

Why Should You Get Your Vehicle Wrapped?

Many businesses are taking advantage of car wrapping as a means of advertisement. When your employees are out on the job and driving the streets, others on the road will see the decals and will have a general idea of what your business is. It’s a good idea to include a phone number on the wrapping so that potential future customers have a way of contacting your business.

This also works well when your company vehicles are at a job site. Neighbours, co-workers, or other nearby companies who want your business will see your vehicle completing a job for someone they know and might inquire about your services.

For instance, if you own a carpet cleaning company, your wrapped vehicle might be seen by a neighbour while cleaning a residential home. The neighbour will see what services you offer and might ask about having their carpets cleaned as well. This is very unlikely to happen if your employees are driving around in a plain white van.

What Is the Installation Process Like?

Before car wrapping is installed on your vehicle, the vehicle is washed and detailed. A clay bar is used in the detailing process to remove any debris from the surface of the paint. Another form of removing any debris from the surface is by using an isopropyl alcohol solution to clean the surface followed by the use of an air compressor.

Now, the headlights, taillights, and bumpers are removed so the wrapping can be placed onto the car. This makes it easier for the wrapping to be installed as closely as possible. Another way to have this done without removing these car parts is by using a tool to cut the wrapping out around the bumpers and lights.

A heat gun is then used to apply the wrapping onto the vehicle. This makes the wrapping fit perfectly around the edges of the car. A squeegee is then used to remove any air pockets.

Depending on the type of car wrapping that you choose, multiple layers may need to be applied. The whole process usually takes a couple of days. Each individual wrapping job time depends on specific customer orders.

What Condition Should My Car Be In?

When wanting to have car wrap applied to your vehicle, it’s important that the paint job on the vehicle is in good condition. If the paint on your vehicle is chipping, the wrapping won’t adhere to it neatly.

Any chipping paint, dents, or scratches should be fixed before having car wrap applied to a vehicle. Car wrapping does not work as a way to cover up these imperfections, and they’ll still be visible after wrapping.

How Long Does the Wrapping Last?

When maintained properly, the car wrap lasts around 5 years. To maintain the wrap, keep your vehicle out of harsh weather conditions and outdoor elements as much as possible. For example, parking your vehicle in direct sunlight each day causes the vinyl to break down faster.

Instead, consider parking your vehicle in a shaded area or in a garage. Cleaning the vehicle is also important when maintaining the car wrap. Keep your vehicle clean and out of the sun for the longest lasting car wrap.

How Do I Remove the Wrapping?

Unlike a new paint job, car wrapping is not permanent and is removable when desired. The process usually takes only a couple of hours and if the wrap was well-maintained, it will peel off quite simply. If the wrapping was not well cared for, the process might take a bit longer.

Your vehicle will go through another washing and any leftover sticky residue from the wrapping is removed.

Benefits of Car Wrapping

With car wrapping, you have a long-lasting advertisement for your business at a low cost. Your paint is protected with the wrapping, and you won’t have to get another paint job. And unlike with a paint job, car wrapping offers you designs and styles not available with paint.

You also have the option of only wrapping certain sections of your vehicle. If you’d only like the hood, one side, or just the back wrapped, that is an option for you. With all the benefits of car wrapping, what’s stopping you from having your company vehicles wrapped today?

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