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If you’re the kind of person who loves colour and if the colour of your vehicle no longer hits your buttons then a colour change wrap is the perfect cost effective solution.

Perhaps your vehicle wasn’t available in your preferred colour when you bought it. Maybe the paint work is simply looking a little tired and jaded. Or it could simply be that you want a change.

Whatever your reason for wanting to change the colour of your vehicle, vehicle wrapping with a premium quality colour change vinyl wrap can revitalise your vehicle’s appearance.

Colour change wraps are available in a hundreds of colours, tints, and finishes and offer the option of a full colour change or a partial colour change.

A vinyl wrap can protect the underlying original paint job and cover up minor chips and scratches although it won’t hide badly damaged paintwork.

And vinyl wraps can be easily removed when you need to return the vehicle to its original paint job.

Make sure your vehicle stands out from the crowd with a unique full colour change car wrap.

No matter which way you look at it vehicle wrapping offers the perfect way to completely transform your vehicle’s appearance for the fraction of the cost of a new paint job.


We can offer hundreds of colour change car wrap colours.

We use industry leading premium quality vinyl wrap products including Avery Dennison, 3M, and Hexis and each product comes its own enormous range of hues, tints, shading, finishes and other options.

We’re not just talking primary colours here but, for example, there more than a dozen different greens or reds to choose from.

And with names like Dragon Fire Red, Vampire Red, Cinder Spark Red or Liquid Copper to add inspiration you know that your new car wrap is going to be breath-taking.

Or maybe something like Cosmic Blue or Blue Fire might be more to your taste.

Or perhaps you want a truly unique option like Gloss Flip Psychedelic for that something special.

Plus we can add a coloured over-laminate film to add even more layers of colour variety.

All our premium vinyl car wrap products provide detailed colour charts.

You can see the full range of colours available by browsing through the charts for our products—see below.

  • Avery Dennison
  • Hexis
  • 3M

We stock most of the most popular colours which makes it really handy if you want the job done quick

Studies show that colours play an incredibly important part in how you feel—that’s why brands spend so much money choosing the right colour for their message.

So go ahead, put some colour into your life and into your car.

It’s not only the enormous range of standout colours that will your car stand out but the vast variety of finishes, tints and options makes for a mind-blowing kaleidoscope of possibilities.

Checkout our enormous range of finishes and options including:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Satin
  • Chrome
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Fade

Choosing the right finish for your car wrap is critical. A matte finish can look very different to a similar colour in a satin or gloss finish.

It’s partly personal preference but you may also find that a matte finish shows up the dirt or fingerprints more in some circumstances. Metallic, diamond or chrome finishes add a really sparkly pizzazz to any vehicle.

And modern chrome finishes don’t just mean silver; there’s a wide variety of chrome colour finishes including red, gold, blue, silver and black.

Be aware that these finishes generally have a shorter lifespan than other solid colour finishes.

Textured looks add another depth to car wraps.

Textured wraps include:

  • Brushed aluminium
  • Brushed titanium
  • Brushed steel
  • Brushed gold
  • Brushed bronze

But textured also includes the ever popular carbon fibre range of black, white, anthracite or shadowblack.

Carbon fibre wraps add a real textured look and feel. We can also add a coloured over-laminate film for enhanced depth and colour choice and for additional protection against damaging UV rays.

Take a look at the exciting 3M Colour Flip series or Avery Dennison Colour Flow series where the colour changes in a real chameleon-like fashion across a fluid colour spectrum according to angle and lighting.

It makes for a thrilling polychromatic experience.

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