Decisions, Decisions: Should You Repaint or Wrap Your Car?

Modern car wrapped in grey color matte vinyl

The Australian climate is unforgiving to cars.

The scorching sun combines with the salty air to wreak havoc on motor vehicle paint through a process called oxidation. This makes Australians look into repainting their cars more often than motorists in most other countries.

When it comes to giving your car an exterior makeover, you get to choose between a paint job and a car wrap. While both options can give you what you are looking for, a paint job and a wrap are totally different things.

This article will discuss the factors to consider when making the choice to either paint or wrap your car.

What Is a Car Wrap?

A wrap refers to a single large decal or series of decals placed directly over a vehicle to change its appearance. The major difference between a wrap and a paint job is that the decals can be easily removed.

Car wraps, therefore, allow you to experiment with different designs a lot more often than painting would.

Why Should You Repaint or Wrap Your Car?

There are multiple reasons why you might want to change your vehicle’s exterior appearance. Nonetheless, the following are some of the most common ones.

To Change the Vehicle’s Appearance

Looking at the same car every day for years might start wearing on you. However, you will be stuck with it if you don’t have the cash to upgrade.

In this scenario, spicing things up with a new exterior makes a lot of sense. A new paint job or vinyl coat will make you feel like you have a different car.

Looking for a Custom Look

Custom looks are appealing to most people due to the element of uniqueness they give the car.

If you are tired of the generic look every other car has, then customizable paint and vinyl wraps will help bring your vision into fruition.

Ageing Paint Job

If you have developed a tight bond to your car due to the numerous experiences you have had with it, chances are you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Nonetheless, all those days in the sun quickly add up and you might start noticing that your vehicle’s exterior is showing signs of ageing. When this happens, a paint job or car wrap will help make the car look as good as new.

Protecting your Investment

If you just got a new vehicle and are looking to keep it in that condition for a long time, applying an extra coat of paint or wrapping it will ensure that it retains its value if you decide to sell it.

Wrapping v. Painting

Given that both a paint job and car wrap can spruce up your car’s exterior, which option should you go for? Consider the following factors:

1. Uniqueness

For someone looking to have a unique or custom look, wrapping is the best option. This is because vinyl wraps come in a much wider array of colours and finishes than car paint does. Moreover, custom auto paint is quite expensive.

Additionally, if you are a business owner with a fleet of company cars, wraps allow you to achieve that custom look without costing you an arm and a leg.

2. Signage

For your business cars, you require some type of signage. This ranges from your name and logo to your contact information.

Many times, painting produces excellent signage. However, if there is an error in the planning process, the results will not come out as you anticipate. Rectifying such mistakes can be quite costly.

With car wraps, however, you can get a digital image before the actual printing so you can see what it would look like after the process. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments if necessary before the process starts.

3. Ease of Removal

A paint job is permanent. Thus, removing it will come at a cost. Wraps, however, allow you to have all the fun you want with the vehicle’s exterior, without having an impact on the vehicle’s actual paint.

4. Costs

The intricate nature of a paint job plus the cost of auto paint makes painting a lot more expensive than wrapping a car.

Wrapping a car is not a straightforward task either, as it requires expertise. However, it makes use of affordable materials, thus bringing down the entire cost significantly.

This is especially relevant if you plan on having a fleet of cars worked on.

5. Time Taken

For business owners, especially those in the transport industry or those who rely on their fleet for the active running of their business, having one car less means loss of productivity.

A paint job usually takes longer to complete than car wrapping. Thus, if you cannot afford to take a lot of days off work, you should consider wrapping the car.

6. Maintenance

Keeping your paint job in top condition takes a lot of work. This means constant washing and waxing. With a wrapped car, however, all you have to do is wash and drive off.

Additionally, with a paint job, you always have to be on the lookout for scratches and other types of damage.

With vinyl wraps, however, any damage is usually absorbed by the vinyl coat which is easy and cheap to repair. Moreover, the underlying paint coat remains unscathed.

7. Decorating Windows

Obviously, you cannot paint the windows. However, you can wrap windows. If you have a design in mind that includes covering the windows, then you know what to go for.

Make the Right Choice

A nice custom paint can have your car looking gorgeous. Nevertheless, so can a wrap job. The difference, therefore, comes in practicality. Wrapping allows you to be more flexible in your options in addition to keeping your costs low.

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