It’s a Sign! Your Essential Guide to Effective Store Signage

store signage

Did you know that nearly 76 per cent of customers enters a new store based on business signage? For your business to be noticed and attract foot traffic, it has to have the right look.

Having a competitive sign at the top of your store’s door is a sure way of attracting customers. A storefront sign can inspire and influence consumer decisions in ways you least expected.

Therefore, as you plan on starting that business, here is a comprehensive guide on making your store signage effective.

Best Practices for Retail Signage

Keep It Simple

It is better to put one message on a single sign than to use one sign to pass a series of messages. Customers tend to ignore any sign that contains too much information on it.

The best way to know if your sign is simple is to use the five-second rule. If you can convey the main themes within five seconds, then your sign is perfect. However, if it takes longer than five seconds to show the central theme, then your sign needs to be shorter.

Call to Action

Every great advertisement has to allow customers to do something. Since your sign is an advertisement, it has to offer a directive on what a customer should do. Therefore, it has to contain a simple goal and should communicate directly to the target customer.

Be Specific

Your primary objective should be to make your brand different and unique. Therefore, when designing your signage, remember to include relevant information about your product. Also, you should indicate specific information that directly relates to your store.

With the above practices, you are now ready to develop shop signs for your store and ensure that you can attract excellent foot traffic. However, for you to experience significant profits, here is the essential store signage guide.

Store Signage Should Express Your Style

Your sign’s imagery, colours, and typography send important information about your business. It also shows what customers should expect when they enter your store. Therefore, when designing the sign, it is essential to pick themes that are relevant and appropriate for your business.

Additionally, it is essential to avoid mismatching and glaring styles that don’t reflect your business’s conduct. If you want customers to regard you as a serious seller, then your handling and presentation should give that opportunity.

When designing your signage, ensure to put your business interests first and work towards making the business great. Also, let your sign direct clients towards wanting to work with you rather than putting them off.

Make It Legible

Legibility is the first and most crucial step towards building a storefront sign. You have to ensure that anyone passing by the sign can pick essential information in a matter of seconds. For instance, if your store location is near a motorway or a busy street, the road users should be able to see and understand your sign at a glance.

Therefore, ensure every element has a visual clarity and it adds value to your business expectations. If your business logo is not transparent and has little ambiguous details, then it’s time to acquire a new logo. However, if you like it the way it is, then it would work better if you avoid including it in the signage.

To guarantee legibility of your signage, ensure there is enough spacing between elements. Additionally, your typography choice matters a lot in making the sign influential. Avoid decorating or using too much information on the sign.

Stand Out

Instead of making a storefront sign that blends with next door neighbours, you should think of something that will make your business stand out. Make your colours unique and different from the colours on your next door stores.

Having extra features in your signage is also another way of making it stand out. If you are not able to use colours and wording to completely design a unique sign, then you should include what others overlook.

Remember, there are several types of signage and they all play different roles in promoting your business operation. Try experimenting with a few examples of signage and then select the sign that attracts the highest number of customers.


Persuasive signage influences the behaviour of customers through convincing imagery and language. You can use this type of signage to promote and advertise your products. You can also use the sign to influence customer flow.

Additionally, this advertising technique gives retailers the opportunity to communicate incredible details about specific products.


Informational signage takes your customer’s attention from the product and gives them directions on how to navigate your store. Make it easy for your customer to find what they are looking for in your store.

Informational signage does not need to contain a lot of information. However, it has to be precise, accurate, and descriptive. Therefore, you don’t need to have logos or imagery on informational signage.

Instead, use bold text with visible theme colours. Make it as specific and straightforward as possible. Ensure that customers can know its content without having to spend more time analyzing its content.


The outdoor signage is more crucial than any other signage that you might have. This is the one that brings people to you, especially customers who don’t know much about you.

The outdoor signage should say who you are and what you are offering. Also, it should persuade customers to buy something from you.

Since its purpose is to draw people closer to you, finding a strategic place for the sign is critical. Ensure it is at a place where there is massive traffic and it’s as visible as possible.

Best Signage Practices

Your store signage determines the growth of your business. Therefore, when making a sign, ensure every detail counts and that it adds value to your business.

Do your homework right and make your sign exceptional in all ways. For more details on how to make signage for your store, you can contact us through our blog.

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