Shop Window Signs

Shop Window Signs

Shop Window Signs in Sydney

If you are looking for striking, professional looking and affordable window shop signs in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place! We’re SmiLee Design and we specialise in a wide range of design and printing services, including custom shop window signs.

We’re an Australian owned and operated business based in Sydney, and we see first-hand how difficult it can be to stand out in this bustling metropolis. Our goal is to help other businesses increase their exposure by working with them to design and create high quality shop window signage that stands out for all the right reasons.Your window is real estate that you should be utilising to the absolute max. And if you’re not grabbing the attention of the footfall that passes your business every day, you’re not using that space as wisely as you could be.

Our window shop sign prices in Sydney are extremely affordable so you don’t have to blow your budget to put your windows to work for you.
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How Shop Window Signs Help You


We keep our prices affordable for all. So whether you’re the owner of a new start-up or a large corporation, you’ll find the right package for your needs. And despite giving our customers such great deals on shop window signage, we use the best materials and manufacturing techniques possible.

Your signage will be a direct reflection on your brand, and we’ll ensure that it’s shown in the best light. Whether it is a window sticker or signage on a van, we will make signage that works for your budget.

Commitment to Environment

At SmiLee Design we care about our customers and our environment. We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly products and keeping a green attitude at the core of everything that we do in our business. You can rest assured that your shop window signs printing investments aren’t increasing your carbon footprint when you work with our team.

Superior Customer Service

Our customers love the fact that our shop front window signs are professional looking, long-lasting and truly effective in captivating the attention of passer-by’s. We’re so sure that you’ll love our shop window graphics in Sydney that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients.

If you are not satisfied with your product, we will work with you to rectify the problem and make it right.

Shop Window Signs Are Still Relevant

The world is looking down more often than not these days. With smartphones in the hands of a staggering number of consumers the challenge of attracting them into your shop has never been more daunting. However, the good news is that the human eye is still drawn to catchy window graphics, elegant lines and the kind of colour combinations that make a great first impression every time. Shop signs Sydney business-owners can depend on to give their front of house that eye-catching x-factor can be found right here at SmiLee Design, where we deliver world-class results with a local flavour.

We understand exactly what Sydney consumers are drawn towards because we live and work here. Our goal is not to give you a stock image, or design, but instead, we will work with you to bring about a solution that not only attracts increased numbers into your shop but also creates a sense of brand awareness. A poorly thought through shop sign does little to attract anybody and likely only reflects poorly on your capabilities, even if you happen to have the best products in the market beyond that front door. Professional signs inspire confidence in your shop, in the potential of the products within and the possibility of a business-owner that puts the customer first.

Window Signage Is Noticed In Sydney

Window signage in Sydney is vital. You are competing in a major city not only against those that offer similar services or products but for the attention of a tech and advertising savvy population. If you have nothing in your window, then the likelihood is that you will be all but completely ignored by your target market. Imagine depending on one-third of those that pass by your window to even recognise the fact that you have something of value on offer, let alone to make a purchase. That is the harsh reality that goes with failing to appropriately furnish your shop front with signs designed to lure the customer in.

Here at SmiLee Design, we meet shop owners every year that keep coming back for new options. Most people think that once they have a great sign in place, then that’s the job done. However, with the world much more mobile now and opportunities in business and beyond much more global, there is a far greater potential that your shop will see a whole new group pass by year-on-year. As such, investing regularly in great signage will ensure that your brand remains fresh, relevant and continues to engage as trends shift.

Rather than investing in a billboard on a certain street that will be gone again in a couple of months, window shop sign prices in Sydney are a much more affordable and efficient means to generating impressions that can translate into sales. What’s more, the sign in your window is a direct invitation inside, there and then, whereas the billboard or online ad prompts further activity, possibly at another time.

Affordable Window Shop Signs For Your Business

Here at SmiLee Design, we are ready, willing and more than able to deliver window signage Sydney consumers will look twice at. We know just how off-putting bad signs can be, but we also know just how effective having a classy, effective design in your window is.

At SmiLee Design, we are the affordable solution that shop owners in Sydney can depend on to get the job done on time, with flair and with a level of customer care that will exceed all expectations.

Contact Us For Sydney Window Shop Signs

Designing and creating signs is what we do best and a member of our team would be more than happy to go over any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call at us at 0425 444 988 or email us at
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