Show your Customer, that you Proud of what you doing by wearing your company shirt
Or to look professional with uniform for you and your staff
Or just for dun, smille design get you covered


When it comes to getting attention for your business and brand, custom t-shirt printing is an effective and low-cost option. It is completely customisable, cheap and has a fast turnaround, which makes it a better choice than many other advertising options.

When you are trying to decide which t-shirt printing process is best suited to your needs, these are the three options to consider:

Screen printing: Screen printing is done using a stencil, and often results in vibrant, unique patterns. Screen printing can be done on small or large projects, but is best suited to the bigger projects, as it turns out more cost-effective than other t-shirt printing processes on large batches.

Digital printing (direct-to-garment): This is a new technology that is primarily used for small to medium jobs due to cost. However, it is perfect for jobs on dark garments that need a really fast turnaround time.

Vinyl printing: Vinyl printing is not suitable for large printing jobs due to the time it takes; however, it is absolutely perfect for small batches. It produces durable, vibrant, simple designs that don’t crack or fade.

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T Shirt Printing Sydney

We’re a Sydney based T-shirt Printing Company you can Trust

If you are looking for a local company that does high-quality, cost-effective screen printing, then look no further. SmiLee Design is a Sydney company through and through – we are owned and run by local Australians and is a highly regarded t-shirt printing company.

Why choose us?

  • We love to work on a variety of projects, no matter the size! Our designers are happy to take on small, medium and large jobs, and they will put an equal amount of their effort into all of them.
  • Our creative team is well known for their work ethic and their desire to create unique t-shirt printing designs that clients love.
  • When it comes to cheap t-shirt printing in Sydney, SmiLee Designs is known for its cost-effective, high-quality work that our clients absolutely love.
  • Our designs won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and they are unique designs made in-house by our skilled team of creatives. We provide high-value for low-cost, and offer a speedy turnaround time on all of our products.

Increased exposure is essential to successfully grow a company, and t-shirt printing Sydney is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your potential clients without blowing your budget.

Our talented designers know exactly what it takes to wow your customers, and we work closely with your team to ensure we create designs that aren’t just effective but that stick closely to your requirements too.

If you would like to know more about our custom t-shirt printing and other branded products, give us a call on 0425 444 988, or simply send us an email on lee@smileedesign.com.au. We are looking forward to producing some unique designs for your business.

We are a highly regarded signage company and we don’t just specialise in custom t-shirt printing in Sydney.

Contact us for more information on our Sign Writing, Car Wrapping, Window Frosting, Car Decals, Vehicle Wraps, Care Signs, Custom Car Stickers, Window Graphics, Glass Frosting Signs and Shop Signs.

Smilee Design is the highly regarded & leading Signage Company in Sydney. Our services are not just limited to Sign Writing, we are the printing & signage experts including window stickers, vinyl car stickers, van Signwriting, decal stickers, window decals, decal stickers & more. We provide sign installation services to all the major areas of sydney including roselands, canterbury & more. For more information about our services call us at 02 8034 4164 or complete our online contact form.

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  • No Complicated Process
  • No Filling up form
  • No Uploading File
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  • Bulk Quanlity
  • Lowest Cost

Transfer Digital Print

  • Only type of image
  • Small quantity
  • Very fast turnaround


  • Small to Medium quantity
  • Formal look

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