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The tough and versatile ute has been the go to work vehicle for generations of Australians. Load ‘em up and they go for ever.

Now you can transform your ute into the ultimate mobile advertisement with high quality ute signage from Smilee Design.

Utes offer large surface areas where you can promote your company and brand using one of our spectacular graphic designs that feature high definition 3D images and out-of-this world vibrant colours.

Market research shows that ute wraps are seen by more people per dollar of ad spend than almost any other form of advertising. Whether you’re driving to a job or your ute is parked on the street it’s still working for you, generating more potential leads.

A Smilee Design ute wrap will ensure that your brand remains unforgettable

High-end digitally printed ute signage tells people a number of things about you and your business including:

Customer satisfaction is important to you

You take pride in beautifully finished results

You’re a successful, sought-after professional

You care about the details, even the smallest

With quality ute signage even if the people viewing your ute don’t need your products and services right now you will be top of mind when they do need you.  That’s why it’s important to make sure you use a professional ute signage expert. The reality is a poor quality vinyl wrap can be a real permanent turn-off.


Ute wraps are the perfect advertisement for any trades or professional contracting companies


In fact, your ute is the perfect mobile sign board anytime you want to get your message out there.

​Our professional graphics design team can ensure matching colours and brand messaging across your entire fleet of vehicles. Ute vinyl wraps are ideal for all professionals including:

  • Trades
  • Electrical
  • Handyman
  • Landscaping
  • Security
  • Plumber
  • Locksmith

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Utes offer a number of very distinctive surfaces that are ideal for creative tray signage solutions

Curved sides panels and bonnets contrast with straight lined trays and provide depth and space for some spectacular graphics detail and brand messaging.

We have signage wrap options that are perfect for the aluminium sides of your tray and can include the rear flap. This is usually the easiest and cheapest option. You can also add in a graphics wrap for the cab doors and bonnet for more visual impact.

We can design and install ute wraps based on your existing designs or our expert graphic design team can create a spectacular design for you.

We can install your wrap to fit around brackets or wrap underneath for a more seamless appearance.

A wrap for your ute canopy can also make for very effective additional advertising space


Utes offer a number of very distinctive surfaces that are ideal for creative tray signage solutions. A wrap for your ute canopy can also make for very effective additional advertising space.

We also do one-way vision window decals and these are ideal for creating a very consistent and cohesive brand look right across your ute.

Curves or sharp corners, smooth aluminium or checker metal; no surface is too much of a challenge for Smilee Design.

Smilee Design can create a wrap with stunning colours and visual imagery that flows across your ute.


Toolboxes provide plenty of options for eye-catching high resolution graphics and logos.
Targeted brand messaging on your ute toolboxes creates a direct link in the viewer’s mind with what you do and your professional image.

It’s really about making a statement that these are the tools of my profession and I know how to use and look after them.

We offer a wide range of vinyl wraps and signage options for all types of tool boxes including smooth aluminium and checker steel.

We can cover the side faces only or sides and rear. We can design a cohesive image or logo that flows seamlessly across the tool box and extends onto the tray and canopy or cab.

Vinyl wraps and signage options for all types of tool boxes
Wrap options for all types of utes including dual cab, single cab and 4x4


Smilee Design have ute wrap options for all types of utes including dual cab, single cab and 4x4.

Full wraps can completely transform your ute; it’s like a brand new vehicle with the wrap extending in behind headlights and door trim for a seamless blemish-free finish.

Bonnet, doors, roof, and side and rear windows can all be used as surfaces for matching brand colours, logos and promotion messages.


Some of the most popular utes that we wrap include Ford, Hilux, Triton, and Workmate


They’re all solid work vehicles with a good name for reliability.

Now it’s time to stamp your mark on your ute with a Smilee Design professional vinyl ute wrap or custom-designed decals. We design our wraps and decals so that your logos and messages are presented in the best possible way.

It’s all about using the natural curves and lines of the ute bodywork to accentuate your message and enhance any 3D imagery.


Whether you need a professional uniform appearance for your trusty workhorse fleet or you just want to make your beloved ute look extra special, Smilee Design have the perfect wrap solution.

It’s far better and cheaper than repainting your ute and you can customise it with your wildest imaginative ideas and visions. Talk to us about our ute signage ideas

Smilee Design can fulfil your custom ute wrap needs wherever you are in central Sydney and local areas.

costs & prices

More people will view your ute wrap per dollar invested than any other form of advertising around

Wrap options for all types of utes including dual cab, single cab and 4x4

It’s so cost-effective that one or two new leads will easily pay for the cost of wrapping your ute.

Costs for wrapping your ute will vary depending on a number of factors including:

  • Ute size and shape
  • Size of wrap (cabin/ tray/ toolbox/window only/partial/ full etc.)
  • Design requirements
  • Pre-installation vehicle preparation

Ute wrap costs range from $300 + GST for a single aluminium tray to $1850 + GST for a full cabin wrap (trays and tool boxes wraps are not included in this price).

We also offer a range of design services starting from $200 for our standard design service as well as a premium design service costing just $450.

whAT MAKES smilee design SPECIAL?


experience creating spectacular eye-opening designs, prints and ute wraps

When you choose Smilee Design you benefit from our years of experience creating spectacular eye-opening designs, prints and ute wraps. Inspired visual designs allied with leading marketing psychology insights generate vehicle wraps that will build your business.

We can use your own ready prepared promotional material and imagery or our design experts can create material for you. Only the highest quality materials (Avery’s vinyl, Roland VG2 printers, TrueVis ink) are good enough for a Smilee Design wrap. We also upgrade our equipment frequently for the finest results. We laminate all prints for long-life durability and protection against U.V, salt and petroleum.

You can be fully confident in our service because we are fully-trained installers with Avery certification. Smilee Design is industry accredited and is an active member of

fully-trained installers

We are fully-trained by Avery Certified installer. Smilee Designs is industry accredited and an active member of ASGA, AFMA

highest quality materials

We use only the highest quality materials (Avery & 3M vinyl, Roland VG2 printers, TrueVis ink) and regularly upgrade equipment to achieve the finest results.

safe work & RTA Approved

We adhere to all Safe Work policies NSW and all our wraps are RTA approved.

extensive warranty

We offer an extensive warranty for your real peace of mind and our company is fully insured.

RTA Roads and Maritime Services approved installers
AFMA - Approved Signage Installer
Roland TrueVis ink
Avery’s vinyl - Supreme Wrapping Film
ASGA - Approved Signage Installer

We are Safe Work NSW compliant and all our wraps are RTA approved. You’ll enjoy our extensive peace of mind warranty and our company is fully insured for liability.
Smilee Design; if you can picture better business results we can wrap it and stick it on your ute.