Vinyl Car Wrap

Vinyl Car Wrap

Vinyl Car Wrap Sydney

One of the biggest budgets within a company is the marketing and advertising budget, and this is for good reason: advertising is incredibly expensive.

To get new clients, you have to make sure they notice your brand and to retain old clients you have to remind them about your amazing products and services.

If you have a small company, or simply don’t want to blow your advertising budget in one go, then getting custom vinyl car wrap is one of the easiest, cheapest options when it comes to getting your brand noticed.

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Looking for a company that designs the best vinyl car wraps in Sydney?

At SmiLee Designs, we know a thing or two about cars, and luckily about advertising too, and that’s why we are such big fans of vinyl wrap cars.

Here are just some of the benefits you get when you wrap up your company’s vehicle in vinyl:

  • Cost: A good paint job on your car is going to be incredibly expensive, whereas vinyl wrap for cars are just a fraction of the price. You also won’t have to pay recurring costs for the advertising space like you would with a billboard or TV advertisements.
  • Protection: With material that is about 3ml thick – vinyl car wrap is protecting your expensive factory paint from all sorts of things like stones, scratches and overexposure to rain and sun.
  • Low maintenance: Car wrap vinyl doesn’t require any waxing and will stay in tiptop shape with regular water and soap washes.
  • Easily removed: Vinyl wraps are very easy to remove; the material should last between 4 and 10 years and can be taken off with no fuss and no damage to your original paint

If you are looking for a customised and highly professional car wrapping service, then you’ve certainly found the right place.

At SmiLee Designs we are passionate about producing products that our clients love. We are an Australian owned and run company that enjoys serving the Sydney community, and we’d love to have the opportunity to help you build your brand awareness.

Why choose us?

At SmiLee Designs, we have a reputation in Sydney for being professional, honest and innovative. We love to keep producing work that we enjoy creating and our clients love seeing.

Our designers are all experienced and skilled in creating custom vinyl car wrap in Sydney and they work tirelessly to ensure they deliver vibrant, original work that catches the eye while sticking on budget.

We are a reputable signage company, and we don’t just specialise in vinyl car wraps. Contact us on 0425 444 988 for more information, or give us an email on if you need to know anything else.

Our other services include Signwriting, Window Frosting, Vehicle Wraps, Car Signs, Custom Car Stickers, Car Decals, Window Graphics, Glass Frosting Signs & Shop Signs. We strive to have one of the fastest turnaround times in the city.

Smilee Design is the highly regarded & leading Signage Company in Sydney. Our services are not just limited to Sign Writing, we are the printing & signage experts including window stickers, vinyl car stickers, window decals, decal stickers, T shirt printing, vehicle signage, screen printing & more. We provide sign installation services to all the major areas of sydney including western suburbs, roselands, canterbury & more. For more information about our services call us at 02 8034 4164 or complete our online contact form.

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