Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can transform any commercial space.

Wall graphics are a cost effective way to bring any drab wall to life. You can use them to create an inspirational brand message, revitalise or rebrand your café, promote your organisation’s value;

the options are almost endless. Wall graphics can even bring real personality to your home.

Imagine the impact of larger than life, full colour digitally printed graphics or an image montage on any wall.

Smilee Design offers a wide range of wall graphics that can cover part of a wall or provide full cover. Our expertise and use of only the very best materials ensures truly spectacular results.

Where Can I Use Wall Graphics?

Wall graphics can lighten the mood of a room and make it feel brighter.

Wall graphics are ideal for any indoor wall. Digitally printed, full colour with spectacular definition; our wall graphics will provide a visual delight, and even perform magical 3D illusions.

Wall graphics can lighten the mood of a room and even make it feel bigger and brighter. Wall graphics can be educational and inspirational. Places where wall graphics can be very effective include:

  • Office walls—brighten your employee’s day
  • Retail spaces—rebrand and revitalise any commercial space
  • Living room or bedroom—for a truly personal touch
  • Dentists or medical centres—inform and relax anxious patients
  • Company headquarters—remind staff about company values
  • Restaurants & cafés—set the scene for a memorable meal
  • Educational institutions—effective teaching aids

Wall graphics can be a much easier and cheaper way to transform tired old walls than painting or wallpapering.

So, go ahead, take a look at your walls and expand your horizons with some Smilee Design wall graphics.

Are Wall Graphics Safe To Use?

You can easily remove wall graphics and removal should not damage your walls.

Smilee Design wall graphics are carefully crafted using high-end quality vinyls, inks and printing processes.

The adhesives used in installing your graphics are perfectly safe and will not damage wall surfaces providing the walls have been prepared correctly.

You can easily remove wall graphics and removal should not damage painted or wall papered surfaces that are in good condition and have no flaking or peeling.

You can install wall graphics yourself or our expert installation team can do it all for you.

Wall Graphics For Something Special

Smilee Design has many years of experience in creating truly special wall graphics. We can use your own designs or our expert graphics design team can create something special to suit your needs.