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Window frosting provides the ideal combination of privacy and natural light for any business, commercial enterprise or residential use.

Window frosting provides the perfect eye-catching external window display for cafés, dental clinics, hairdressing salons, and sports shops through to medical centres, educational or financial institutions, or even as a temporary cover for a retail interior fit-out.

Window frosting is the perfect backdrop for powerful branding messages and delivers statements of sophisticated and elevated professionalism for businesses such as legal or accounting firms.

Whether you’re looking for that ultramodern iconic look, a classic vintage design, or a simple utilitarian window frosting option, a frosting window film can provide the perfect low-cost solution.

We offer plain window frosting, etching, and print on frosting film options along with an expansive palette of design options.


Window Frosting Options


Take advantage of all your priceless window real estate.

With window frosting you can take advantage of all your priceless window real estate and optimise your brand and promotions messages.

We offer a wide range of creative design options that will provide an elegant and sophisticated look for your business.

Window frosting films are a very cost-effective way to transform your external windows into eye-catching advertising billboards without sacrificing any of the natural lighting inside your premises.

Window frosting films also offer the perfect low-cost way to screen out prying eyes while you carry out a shop refit or rebrand.

Ray White Window Frosting


Frosted glass on outdoor windows is the ideal background for creating truly stunning displays.

Window frosting can also be used to enhance safety around outside windows. In the home or around educational facilities or sports centres, frosted glass is a great way to warn active children about potentially dangerous floor to ceiling glass door or window panels.

And installing a frosting window film provides an attractive modern alternative to curtains or blinds.

We use only the highest quality 3M and Avery films for guaranteed durability and performance.

We offer a range of window etching and window frosting options at truly affordable prices.

We’re proud of our friendly, down-to-earth honest service and our fully trained and accredited installers will deliver quality workmanship and exceptional value every time.

No job is too big or small for Smilee Design.


Window frosting is especially popular in office settings.

Partial or full window frosting can provide a truly private space that fosters client and staff feelings of comfort and more privacy without reducing the amount of natural light in the room.

Partial window frosting can be a great way to reduce the goldfish bowl effect in meeting rooms and yet still enable people outside to know that the room is occupied.

Window frosting brings the natural light into any room but still maintains privacy levels for sensitive business operations or to reduce staff distractions.

Reducing staff distractions is really important for those areas that are exposed to high traffic numbers with either high staff movements or large numbers of visitors.

Window frosting can also incorporate creative design effects, etching and imagery to promote your brand, emphasise core business values or simply inspire employee morale and elevate mood.

Frosted glass is especially valuable for multipurpose office spaces where you want to clarify the purpose of partitions and guide visitors and clients to where they want to be.

You can even use window frosting on bathroom doors and windows.


Window frosting can transform any interior glass surface too.

Interior glass frosting is ideal for enhancing privacy in any glass-walled room such as the home gym or office.

Window frosting can also provide attractive directions signage in office buildings so you can do without the visual clutter of additional wall boards or old fashioned signs suspended from the ceilings.

And window frosting creates really dependable no-see privacy for bathroom doors and windows.

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Customer Experience

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Fully Trained

We are fully-trained industry accredited installers and you’re covered by our comprehensive insurance.

Quality materials

Quality Materials

We use only the best in industry materials and use lamination for superior wrap life expectancy.

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Window frosting offers so many design options.

We can talk you through the myriad possibilities our etching and print on etching services can provide.

We can digitally print corporate logos, brand messages, graphics and anything else you desire. And we can add special effects such as glitter for even more impact.

We have the experience, skills, and tools to provide inspirational designs that can transform glass windows into true works of art.

Whatever your needs and vision come and talk to us about our full customised design service.

Contact Smilee Design for a free quote for all your frosted window film requirements.

We can help you with all types of custom designed window film treatments.

With Smilee Design frosted window films you’ll never feel left out in the cold again.

They are many Design Options


Combining different techniques allows us to create subtle yet powerful brand messages for the business that needs to stand out in as a beacon of excellence and sophisticated professionalism.

Let us talk you through the ways we can incorporate your business logo into a background frosting pattern.

Perhaps a repeating pattern will deliver the results you’re looking for or maybe you simply need a clear uncomplicated message set against a frosted background.

Perhaps you’re full of ideas but sure how to execute them or maybe you’d like us to create something special from scratch.

Talk to the experts at Smilee Design about the perfect window frosting for your needs.


Decorative options include our ever popular range of plain milky or coloured frosting and you can add glitter for some real zing effects too.

Options for logo printing or cutting out areas of etching for see-through designs add a truly infinite range of decorative possibilities.


Premium quality plain milky or coloured frosting will meet all your privacy needs.

These films are incredibly tough and durable and will provide solid privacy and visual security even in the hardest wearing areas.


Etched window frosting is where we cut out parts of the frosting to create see-through intricate patterns, designs, logos, and messages.

Clever placement of these etched patterns will provide powerful visual impact without reducing any of the privacy value of the frosting.


We can add company logos to frosted windows in several ways.

We can install the frosting film onto your glass window first and then add another layer of decal logo or message to be installed over the top of the frosting film.

This allows your graphics to really pop out from the background frosting.

We can simply print your logo on top of the frosting. This creates a wonderfully evocative and sophisticated effect that delivers your message with real subtlety.

Or we can cut out (etch) your logo or graphic design from the window frosting film so that your design is see-through. This delivers a powerful brand message that really packs a punch without the hype.


Our professional design team can provide you with custom designed frosted window films that will maximise brand messaging in those frequently used indoor areas such as waiting rooms, corridors, and office space partitions or outside on glass street frontages.

And don’t forget, a custom designed frosted window film can add real value to your home interior too.

We can design logos from the ground up or we can work with your existing artwork to create a truly memorable window frosting display.

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