Frosted Window & Glass

Frosted Window & Glass

Window & Glass Frosting in Sydney

Frosted window & glass can be a functional addition to both residential and commercial properties. If you’re looking for a company that offers all kinds of window etching and frosted glass services in Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

We’re SmiLee Design, an Australian owned and operated printing and design company that specialises in frosted glass.
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The Benefits Of Glass Frosting

Window & Glass frosting in Sydney has many benefits, with the following being some of them:

Flexible Design

Frosted glass printing in Sydney allows business and homeowners choose the design that suits them best.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary design for your newly opened dental clinic or you’d like something a bit more vintage looking for your beauty salon, our design team can work with you to make sure that the patterns fit in perfectly with your current décor.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

If you’re looking for a way to make a space more private but maintain that feeling of airiness, frosted glass is the perfect solution.

Classic frosted glass in Sydney also increases the security level of a property, blocking out what’s going on inside from those on the outside.

Mood Altering

Frosted glass can have surprising effects on people’s moods in a positive way. In home life, people who were feeling trapped and confined to living in their own homes behind thick, heavy and dark curtains can feel a freeing sensation that light has a way to flow back into their living spaces while still giving them privacy.

In work place settings, frosted glass signage can introduce more light and make the whole environment more upbeat and much more productive. By investing in professional glass frosting, business owners can also avail of the opportunity for customisation and use this precious real estate as a means of advertising.

Improved Appearance

Although we offer cheap frosted glass, we don’t cut corners and the glass and design methods we use will completely transform the look of a dull space. It will add a touch of style and innovation without being intrusive.

We treat all of our frosted glass signage with an extra layer of film to reduce fading.

There has never been a greater focus on confidentiality and data protection. Whether you are a business owner with a small client base or a large multi-national the same standards are expected of all where information is concerned. As such, assuming you work in an office space that sees quite a lot of footfall throughout the day, regardless of whether that is staff from different departments or visitors to the premises, privacy is vital.

Here at SmiLee Design, we provide frosted glass Sydney businesses can use to give their offices a much more secure and private look, that can simultaneously come across as tasteful and in keeping with the branding of the company. What’s more, homeowners can use this creative solution as a functional addition that affords them that extra level of security.

At SmiLee Design, our print and design specialities where frosted glass is concerned are second to none. We offer a level of flexibility that many competitors struggle to match and afford you the luxury of choosing the design that suits you. We are open to work of all types, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for contemporary designs or more vintage looks. Rest assured that we have the expertise to deliver an exceptional final product that will exceed expectations.

Why Frosted Glass Is Right For You

Some folks just want to make sure that when they are not in their home their home is protected from prying eyes. In business, it is a necessity to safeguard the integrity of key functions such as payroll by installing protective systems that bolster the company’s ability to protect its employee and customer information. Frosted glass is an elegant solution in both regards and simultaneously enables you to retain the natural light in your home and office, which should keep everyone happy.

Here at SmiLee Design, we meet heaps of entrepreneurs that are seeking out ways to create a brand. As such, we explore opportunities to get the name or logo out there. Our window frosting benefits Sydney business-owners when designed to incorporate their company branding because it is a simple and effective way to give a cohesive look to a space that adds a level of taste and class.

While window frosting isn’t the same as putting a sign on your storefront or putting a decal on a car, it is still an important part of printing that can help a business. Frosted glass can provide a look for your business that makes potential customers take note.

Some companies charge the earth for frosted glass, however here at SmiLee Design, we bring you cheaper options that are more affordable but bring the same kind of results to your home or business. All of our products are made using eco-friendly products, so while you reap the physical rewards of our frosted glass designs, you know that you have made a choice that is sustainable and benefits the environment.

Order Window Frosted Glass Today

Even if you live in a small space, a frosted window in your Sydney home or business is a wonderful choice in terms of opening it up to more light, which can deliver the optical illusion of having more space. What’s more, at SmiLee Design, all of our frosted glass signage is treated with an additional coating of film to ensure that the possibility of it fading is reduced.

So, with so much to gain and little to spend to achieve results, get in touch with us here at SmiLee Design today. We are one of the leading signage companies in Sydney for a reason, so no matter what your requirements are, believe us when we say that we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like a quote for frosted glass in Sydney, be sure to reach out to us today, as we’d be happy to help. You can call us on 0425 444 988 or send us an email to with your requirements, and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.
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