Light Box Signs

A light box sign highlights your business 24/7.

A light box sign is the way to stand out when the competition is getting a little crowded. Light boxes, feature digitally printed graphics on an acrylic or aluminium background backlit by LED bulbs.

Light box signs offer an incredibly flexible range of opportunities for any business. A light box sign highlights your business 24/7. Suspended from awnings or on large standalone pylons; a light box always demands attention.

You can use a Smilee Design light box as a double-sided street sign, as an elegant in-store display, or simply to draw attention to specific aspects of your organisation such as reception or accounts.

You can customise your light box to any shape or size and the LED lights are highly efficient and durable for low operation costs. Light boxes are the perfect advertising medium for today’s ‘always on’ world.

Why LED’s?

LEDs are more durable and energy efficient.

We generally illuminate our light boxes using LEDs (light emitting diode). LEDs are more energy efficient and more durable than other forms of lighting including neon and fluorescent.  LEDs are also brighter and they’re cheaper to replace.

Are Light Boxes Expensive?

There is an almost infinite array of design variables in every light box so we can only quote on an individual basis. But remember, light boxes continue working day and night, long after you’ve stopped work and gone home. So, for the one-off cost your light box will be telling the world about your business non-stop for years to come.

Smilee Design uses only the very best quality materials for our light box signs including aluminium, acrylic, or flex-face. A Smilee Design light box is built to last and with its low operational costs will deliver exceptional value for money and return on your investment.

What Kind Of Designs Work Best?

Simple and short messages are the most effective.

Light boxes are all about grabbing attention and getting your message across quickly thanks to the rich variety of available colours and strong lighting contrasts. Simple messages work best; company names, logos, single word descriptions or brand messages.

Remember, it’s the lighting that makes light boxes so effective. And think about adding some special effects such as 3D lettering for extra impact. LED backlit signs are also highly effective and work especially well indoors where colour and lighting can combine to create a powerful branding message.

The Smilee Design team can work with you to create your own special light box messaging. Talk to us today about how a light box can showcase your business.