A Smilee Design premium quality vinyl wrap represents the ultimate in materials, printing inks and processes combined with industry-leading installation practices. The result is a stunning flawless finish for your vehicle.

But as with any high quality product following a few basic aftercare maintenance guidelines will ensure your vinyl wrap will still be looking phantasmagorically awesome even after years of tough heavy duty use.

Failure to follow the correct aftercare instructions, especially in the first weeks after installation may cause some abnormal degradation of the vinyl, adhesion issues and even some colour fade.

Initial Aftercare: when you first take your baby home

  • Do not wash your vehicle or leave it exposed to heavy rain within the first 5 days after installation. The adhesive needs both the paint surface and vinyl film to remain completely dry to prevent the edges lifting. Do not use shampoo or even hand wash the vehicle during this period.
  • You may see a few bubbles or a slight haziness during the first 3 weeks. This is absolutely normal and it will soon disappear as the wrap fully cures.
  • Please clean off any dirt, bird droppings and dead bugs promptly. These types of organic substances may damage the vinyl wrap.
  • You should follow your normal car wash routine after the film has completely cured (1 to 3 weeks).



Hand Washing

Hand washing is the safest, most gentle cleaning method.

  • Rinse the vehicle with water then use a sponge or soft cloth with mild soapy water
  • Work your way from the top of the vehicle to the bottom
  • Avoid heavy rubbing in one spot as this can wear through the film
  • Remove any detergent with clean water
  • Let the wrap dry naturally or use a soft cloth or chamois.

Be very careful when working around the wrap edges because harsh rubbing in this area may cause the wrap edges to lift.

Waterless Wash/ Spray Wax

If your vehicle is only moderately dirty we recommend using a manufacturer’s cleaning product such as Avery Dennison’s Wrap Care Cleaner, Power Cleaner and Sealant.

These products are designed to clean your wrap safely and enhance the protective layers and appearance of your wrap.

It’s always a good idea to test any product in an out of the way area first. Do not use petroleum-based wax products abrasive cleaners.

Spot Cleaning

A manufacturer’s product such as Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Care/ Power Cleaner is perfect for removing engrained, hard-to-remove spots such as bird droppings or dead bugs.

A solution of 1 part alcohol to 4 parts water works really well too.

Simply spray the Power Cleaner on. Allow it to sit for 30 seconds then wipe off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Automatic Carwashes

We recommend that you avoid using automatic carwashes. These can cause scratches, edge lifting and damage to the gloss finish. If you must use an automatic carwash then ensure it is a brushless wash with spray only.

Do not choose wax options because many contain harmful petroleum-based ingredients that may damage your vinyl wrap.

Pressure Hose Washing

We do not recommend the use of water pressure washers or water blasters. The force of the water may lift the edges or damage the wrap finish. Water blasters must adhere to the following:

  • Keep water pressure below 1200 psi (8- bars or 84 kg/cm2)
  • Do not use water temperatures above 80˚C
  • Keep the nozzle at least 30 cms from the wrap edges
  • Maintain the nozzle at right angles to the graphic so the jet cannot lift the wrap edges
  • Choose a wide angle spray nozzle with at least 40˚ wide spray pattern

Regularly apply Avery Dennison Supreme Care Sealant after washing your vehicle to enhance your wrap’s protection against UV, pollution, and dirt.


Our wraps have a premium quality UV laminate to protect your wrap from harsh UV as well as other pollutants such as salt and petroleum.

However, it makes sense to garage your vehicle when possible. Australia’s climate can be harsh and so reducing the wrap’s exposure to damaging environmental factors is always worth it.


Your Smilee Design vehicle wrap is crafted using the best materials and installation methods available. Following these simple instructions will ensure your vehicle wrap will always look its best.

If you have any questions or notice anything out of the ordinary give us a call.


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When should I clean my vehicle?

Don’t clean your vehicle during the first 5 days after wrap installation. From then on you can follow a normal car wash routine but ideally you should wash your vehicle at least every 14 days.

Is it o.k. to use ordinary detergent?

Yes. You can use any mild detergent and water mix. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any strong solvents or abrasive compounds. Choose a detergent with a neutral pH balance.

Why can’t I use car wax?

Most typical car waxes can damage vinyl wraps. This is because of the chemicals they contain. Petroleum-based products or strong solvents in many waxes are particularly harmful.

The excessive rubbing required with most wax applications may also wear through the wrap. Spray waxes that are specifically designed for vinyl wraps are generally safe to use.

Are there special instructions for matte finish wraps?

Dirt tends to be more obvious on matte finishes compared with glossy wraps. Avoid using waxes with matte finishes as these can cause shiny spots.

A solution of 1 part isopropyl alcohol to 1 part water is ideal for spot cleaning matte finish films. Hot mildly soapy water is also a great cleaner for matte wraps.

How do I remove fingerprints?

To get rid of fingerprints use a dab of isopropyl alcohol on a soft dry cloth. Rub gently and avoid rubbing too much in any one spot.vironmental factors is always worth it.



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