A Smilee Design premium quality vinyl wrap represents the ultimate in materials, printing inks and processes combined with industry-leading installation practices. The result is a stunning flawless finish for your vehicle.

But as with any high quality product following a few basic aftercare maintenance guidelines will ensure your vinyl wrap will still be looking phantasmagorically awesome even after years of tough heavy duty use.

Failure to follow the correct aftercare instructions, especially in the first weeks after installation may cause some abnormal degradation of the vinyl, adhesion issues and even some colour fade.



    1.1.1 Warranty Period

    Wraps installed on vertical surfaces are covered for material and manufacturing faults for a period of 5 years (60 months) and for 1 year (12 months) when installed on horizontal surfaces. In the event the product or service provided is defective due to a manufacturing fault we will replace, or repair (where possible and desirable) the faulty product. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase/ installation.

    There may be some crossover where vertical installations transition into horizontal and vice versa. This may affect the applicable warranty period and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

    1.1.2 Installation Warranty Period

    Smilee Design installers are highly experienced and certified installers. In the event the product or service provided is defective due to poor workmanship we will replace, or repair (where possible and desirable) the faulty product.

    The warranty covers faults caused by incorrect installation by Smilee Design for 12 months from date of installation. The warranty period is limited to 12 months because we cannot take responsibility for faults caused by poor or inadequate maintenance or other mistreatment of the wrap outside of our control.

    1.1.3 Individual Product Limited Warranty

    Smilee Design uses premium quality products and warrant that these will be free from the defects including:

    • Physical Defects or damage incurred during manufacturing, packaging or shipping.
    • Manufacturing Defects that affect the visual appearance, adhesion performance and wrap durability as described in the manufacturers’ technical documentation.
    • Finished Appearance Defects such as excessive or abnormal fading, discoloration, cracking, crazing, peeling, blistering, or loss of adhesion that causes the wrap to be visibly impaired when viewed in a typical environment and from a normal distance.


    1.2 Limitations 

    1.2.1 Product Misuse

    This warranty does not cover wraps or products that have been modified or damaged in any way through neglect, improper storage or misuse.  We cannot be held liable for accidental or deliberate damage caused  by abuse, accident, vandalism, neglect or mishandling by any person.

    1.2.2. Weathering Effects

    A certain amount of material degradation over time is normal. Smilee Design cannot be held liable for damage caused by normal wear and tear or due to the impacts of weathering. Smilee Design warrants that under normal circumstances the wrap will retain a commercially acceptable condition throughout the warranty period.

    1.3.3. Recommended Wrap Film Maintenance

    It is expected that the end user of the wrap will follow the recommended handling and cleaning procedures as outlined in the wrap care guide. The use of aggressive chemicals or abrasive mechanical washing may cause premature lifting of the wrap edges and may affect the appearance. Smilee Design cannot be held liable for faults caused by failure to follow appropriate care and maintenance instructions.

    Failure to follow the maintenance steps below may void your warranty:

    Do not wash the vehicle for the first 5 days after installation.

    We recommend hand washing for the best results; use only manufacturer approved cleaners or similar. Avoid aggressive rubbing. Rinse well and immediately dry the wrap with a soft cloth.

    We do not recommend using automated car was systems. If you do you need to ensure that you use a brushless car washing system. Do not use petroleum-based waxes.

    Keeping your vehicle undercover and protected from the weather when not in use will prolong your wrap’s appearance.

    1.4. The Warranty Does Not Cover the Following

    • Reasonable fading or normal wear and tear due to time or weather.
    • Damage including abrasion, scratching, fading or loss of sheen due to aggressive cleaning or the use of non-recommended cleaning methods such as wax or other solvent containing products.
    • Intentional or accidental damage such as graffiti or picking at the edges; animal scratches or animal waste products; severe weather, such as hail or windblown debris; spotting caused by hard water; pitting or scratching from normal road spray; off road driving; excessive exposure to salt that is not regularly and promptly cleaned off; or vehicle damage that results in wrap damage.
    • Damage (including paint adhesion failure or rust) to any substrate or finish that is not of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality whether they be original or refinished substrates.  This includes but is not limited to motor vehicles and watercraft.
    • Pre-existing damage to any substrate or finish application e.g. stone chips, and scratches.
    • Installation on inappropriate substrates or for applications where the wrap is not recommended.
    • Damage to the vehicle during wrap removal. Professional wrap removal is recommended.
    • Any difference or change in appearance between the exposed paint colour or finish and any areas that have been covered by the wrap that become apparent when the wrap is removed.
    • Transfer of warranty to a new owner of the vehicle.


    No Extension of Warranty

    In the event of an approved warranty claim, any replacement wrap or product shall be covered only by the remaining term of the original warranty period.

    1.5. Remedies and Limitations of Liability

    1.5.1. Remedy and Limitations

    Any claim for a product covered by this warranty must be made before the last day of the applicable warranty period. Smilee Design will not be liable for the cost of the vehicle owner’s time, inconvenience, rental of a substitute vehicle, or any other cost that may arise as the result of or in the course of a warranty claim.

    1.5.2. Claim Rejection

    Smilee Design reserves the right to reject any claim where we cannot identify a specific cause of failure or where the failure is due to any of the exclusions listed above or if it cannot be proven that the wrap was purchased and installed by Smilee Design.

    Smilee Design reserves the right to investigate and perform extensive testing before approving any warranty claims. Smilee Design also reserves the right to request any or all items it requires (including information or documentation) to carry out any such warranty investigation.

    1.5.3. Voiding of Warranty

    The use of any 3rd party materials in conjunction with Smilee Design wraps will void any applicable warranty. e.g. A third party laminate used over a Smilee Design wrap.

    1.5.4. Liability

    Smilee Design shall not be liable or in any way held responsible for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage, except where Smilee Design is in breach of the guarantees provided under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 or other such applicable legislation.

    1.6. Claiming 


    1.6.2. Submitting a Claim

    To make a claim please contact Smilee Design at 894 Canterbury Rd, Roselands, NSW 2196, by Tel: 02 8034 4164 or by email: smileedesign.com.au/contact-us/

    Smilee Design reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions of this warranty without notice.

    This warranty is in addition to the rights granted the consumer under the applicable Australian Consumer Guarantee legislation.  Nothing in this warranty is intended to negate or exclude those rights.

    1.7 PPF (Paint Protection Film) Specific Clause

    We also provide a 5 or 10 Year Warranty on all our Paint Protection Films. The warranty period is dependent on the material type chosen.

    Smilee Design warrants the film against defects such as yellowing, peeling, cracking or lifting and will replace any area of film that does not meet these criteria for the duration of the warranty.

    The warranty excludes damage to PPF caused by accidents, collisions, intentional misuse, ordinary wear and tear or the use of products or cleaners not recommended for use on PPF.



    Your Smilee Design vehicle wrap is crafted using the best materials and installation methods available. Following these simple instructions will ensure your vehicle wrap will always look its best.

    If you have any questions or notice anything out of the ordinary give us a call.


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