Truck Wraps & Signage

Outdoor advertising doesn’t get any bigger than a truck wrap.

With a Smilee Design truck wrap you can showcase your business to the world. Wherever your trucks go; driving on the highway or parked in the street people will be moved by your business message.

Research shows that our brains process and remember moving images on a deeper level. And the spectacular high definition digitally printed imagery and colour saturation of our truck wraps means your business will be unforgettable.

Truck Wraps Work Very Well

Truck wraps will reach more customers than almost any other form of advertising because:

  • Trucks are large and highly visible
  • They travel large distances
  • Trucks go where your customers are

A Smilee Design truck wrap makes your business name stand out from the crowd. And with such a large surface area your message will be larger than life.

There are as many ways to wrap a truck as there are trucks.

Smilee Design truck wraps come in a range of options to suit all budgets and requirements. We use only the highest quality vinyl wraps, inks and printing processes in all our wraps.

But you can choose to wrap just the cab doors, the full cab or the sides of your truck. You can have wraps on your trailers and even add one-way vision decals to the side and rear windows of the cab.

We wrap behind headlights and tail lights and underneath trim as well so you get a really seamless finish.

Our wraps deliver exceptional resistance to the effects of U.V, salt, and petroleum so it means they’ll last for years and years. And we laminate all our wraps for added protection.

And all Smilee Design wraps are RTA approved.

Truck wraps are ideal for promoting your business or even just to customise your truck. There are lots of uses for truck wraps including:

  • Food delivery trucks
  • Courier and freight deliveries
  • Sports teams
  • Building and construction companies
  • House floats & house trucks

Let your imagination go to town and use your own designs and logos or our expert graphic design team can create something truly special for you.

Why Choose Smilee Design?

Our reputation for creating standout truck wraps is built around delivering a superior customer experience.

We use only the highest quality materials (Avery’s vinyl, Roland VG2 printers, TrueVis ink) and with lamination to provide exceptional durability.

We are fully-trained industry accredited installers and we’re fully insured. Smilee Design; get on the bus for better business.