Privacy & Art Combination On Windows

Privacy & Art Combination On Windows

Widely used in commercial interiors, frosted film is increasingly popular with home owners as the contemporary alternative to net curtains. Our services are affordable. Our final product require little maintenance apart from a wipe with soapy water once a year

  • Heat Reduction
  • Reduce Fading
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Increase Safety and Security
  • Increase Privacy
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Window Frosting Sydney

If you are looking to get professional window frosting done in Sydney, look no further than SmiLee Design.

We are an Australian owned and operated company and we’ve earned a reputation as being one of the most trusted names for digital printing, screen printing and attention-grabbing shop and car signage. In addition to this, we also do window etching and window frosting in Sydney.

Features and Benefits of our Window Frosting Services

  • We pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly products and having a green attitude in all of our business practices
  • Quick turnaround time are guaranteed
  • Frosting is the modern alternative to net curtains and can save you a lot of money in the long term
  • Maximum levels of heat retention are achieved with frosting
  • You’ll also enjoy an increased level of privacy and security
  • Protection from UV Rays
  • Can increase levels of sunlight, creating a more upbeat and productive environment
  • Frosting will blend in well with all kinds of interior design trends and it’s very adaptable
  • Easy to maintain

What environments are suited to window frosting?

All kinds of environments! Whether you’re considering getting frosted windows in Sydney for your office space or you want to kit out your beauty salon, hair salon or dental practice with the latest style of window frosting, we can help you out.

How much does it cost?

The cost of your window frosting service will totally depend on what size of area you need covered and how many windows you’ve got to work with. Other factors such as design and whether you want your glass window frosting personalised with your logo will also be taken into account.

Just get in touch with us today and we’d be more than happy to give you a quote.

Do you also do window etching?

Yes! We can etch your window(s) with the design of your choice. And we can work with windows of all sizes and styles.

Looking for a window frosting specialist in Sydney?

If you’re in Sydney and window frosting is something that you need done, our team is standing by to help you out. We work with both residential and commercial customers in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs.

Despite offering cheap window frosting and etching services, we never make compromises on the quality of our products, materials and service delivered. For more info on window frosting and what it can do for your premises, reach out to one of our friendly service representatives today on 0425 444 988.

Smilee Design is the highly regarded & leading Signage Company in Sydney. Our Services are not just limited to Sign Writing, we are the printing & signage experts including Car Wrapping, Window Frosting, Vehicle Wraps, Car Signs, Custom Car Stickers, Car Decals, Window Graphics, Glass Frosting Signs & Shop Signs.

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