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Friendly, Honest & Down to earth Service


Quality Workmanship & Excellent Value


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The latest technology of Protection film in the market


Premium material, Using only best material for long lasting protection

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Our Vehicle Paint Protection Film Offers a Self Healing Optically Clear Layer of ARMOUR for Your Car’s Paintwork.

Full protection, nothing got exposed. We tuck the film on all of the edges.

We use the engineered computer cut template to avoid the chance of damaging your vehicle from the use of blades.

Each installer has at least 10 years experience in the industry

We conduct quality control for every step of the process to ensure you get 100% satisfaction

Modern & high security workshop you can rest assure your vehicle is safe & secure

Industry-Leading Technology Paired with Highly Experienced Installers ensures the Highest Quality of Finishes

Smilee Design Team

This is Why our PPF service is so popular

Protect you vehicle with Our Industry-Leading Paint Protection Films

Now You Can Take Your Luxury Vehicle, 4WD or SUV Where it’s Designed to go Without Worry of Damage to Your Paintwork

PPF & Private car, Wraps, Colour changes, Stickers & more

If you’re looking for PPF (paint protection films), custom private vehicle wraps, colour changes, PPF, decals or car stickers in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place! We’re Smilee Design and we work with all kinds of business owners, organisations and individuals to deliver amazing results in Sydney.
Whether you’re looking to protect your vehicle and make it much easier to keep clean, increase your brand exposure or you just want to have some fun with your own vehicle, our design team can create personalised wraps that tick all the right boxes!


PPF is an insurance you must to have Just like can insurance, you don’t want to drive your luxury car without it.

As Tesla keep gaining it’s popularity as luxury electric vehicle, so is the amount of the tesla we’ve PPF. We can confidently say “we are the specialist”

Preview of the process we installing PPF a G-Wagon

  • Foam wash & “clay bar” for Paint work decontamination.
  • Computer template cut the film to avoid scratching the paint work
  • Carefully applying the film
  • Intensive quality control prior handing over the car 

Why Installing a PPF on Your Vehicle is a No Brainer

Protect your vehicle

Increase your vehicles resale value

Reduces chances of superficial damage

Keep your vehicle looking newer for longer

Why Choose Smilee Design?

Customer experience


Our reputation for creating standout truck wraps is built around delivering a superior customer experience.

Fully trained


We are fully-trained industry accredited installers and you’re covered by our comprehensive insurance.

Quality materials


We use only the best in industry materials and use lamination for superior wrap life expectancy.


What are the benefits of Paint Protection Film?

When professionally applied, there are many benefits of having paint protection on your car.
One of the primary reasons that people have paint protection on their car is so that it keeps the car protected and the finish as good as new or the day it is installed.
This helps with the longevity of the paintwork. This enables the vehicle to retain its value if and when you decide to sell the vehicle.
Another remarkable benefit of paint protection film, it repels UV protection, provides chemical protection, and saves money on costly paintwork repairs.
Lastly, one of the most appreciated benefits of paint protection film is that it makes cleaning and washing your car a whole lot easier.

What PPF Brand do you use and where is it made?

We use SUNTEK Paint Protection Film. It is made in USA.

In our opinion, after using various different brands in the past, this is the brand we can rely on, the quality and the warranty.

How thick is the film?
  • 5 year – 215 microns
  • 10 year – 229 microns
  • 12 year – 241 microns
How much does PPF cost?

PPF your car starts at $1,180 to $7,215. From the minimum protection of the front end car to the full car PPF.

How much does PPF cost for tesla model Y?

PPF your tesla model Y starts at $1,180 to $6,865. From the minimum protection of the front end car to the full Tesla PPF.

Does the PPF film change the finish of my car?

On Gloss Film, this will enhance the colour and make it slightly more glossy.

On Matte Film, this will give it the matte/satin stealth look.

Why’s PPF so expensive?

That’s the cost of a high quality product and a professional installation that won’t damage your car.
If you break down the cost of the film over the warrantied lifespan of the film it actually works out around $50 a month or less.

Why is the other company able to do the PPF cheaper than us?

We are not sure how they could, our advice is just do your smart diligence before you decide who you get to PPF your car. You don’t want to try to save a small amount of money to create a bigger problem.
These are a few things we could think of, why they can be cheaper:

  • They might mix the material, some part using good material and the other using cheaper material to cut cost. At worst, they say they will use a good brand but they use some nasty material.
  • They just started and want to get some work to build their portfolio
  • Their installer is a trainee that might create problems instead of protecting your car
  • Poor workshop and organisation, which lead to less cost of running the business
  • The method of installation they might not wrap to the edge of the panels
How long does the install take for Paint Protection Film?

The installation is dependent on your car and the package you choose. Generally a full wrap will take 4-6 business days.

Is my car safe in Smilee Design workshop?

Yes, definitely. Your car will be stored inside our workshop which has multiple layers of security, such as: surveillance camera, back to base alarm system, automatic complex main gate, steel roller door, and many more.
We are also fully insured of thief, fire & disaster.

For the Gloss PPF, can I see it on the car?

Its optical clear film, you will only know it’s there by looking up close and trying to find it, otherwise if you’re a step away from the car you won’t notice it.

What is the PPF Process?

We inspect the vehicle, take pictures and detail down any damage. 

This includes the two bucket wash system, starting with foam and rinse, two bucket wash and claybar to decontaminate the surface.

Once the vehicle has been prepped we access and give you the option for any paint correction before we proceed with the paint protection film installation.

This is the last surface clean and preparation before the application of the paint protection film.

Our experienced installers cut the vehicle templates or set up the material for the bulk installation. We then apply the film onto the vehicle. Once its cured the installer will seal off all the edges.

This is our final check once the edges are sealed and everything is cured. A Manager inspects the film to make sure everything is as it should be. We then get our care and maintenance package together. We give you the warranty card which is your assurance and our promise of a long lasting, quality installation.

How far will you cover the panels? Will there be any exposed parts?

Most PPF shops have standard templates, which expose a few millimeters of the panel. With us,  what we do is we customise them, we extend the points in order to wrap around the panels and maximise the coverage.

Do you cut on the car?

No, we don’t. We use a CAD laser cutter to cut our PPF film  prior to the installation. This will eliminate the chance of scratching your car by blade. In rare cases, where some special car we need to cut manually, you can rest assured, our installers have 10 years plus experience and take the utmost care when applying the film.

How does the self healing work?

Paint Protection Film contains a proprietary top-coat. This top coat protects the urethane against surface scratches. The majority of minor surface scratches will self-heal when exposed to heat – sun, warm panel (motor running), warm water, etc. We demonstrate this with a copper wire brush to simulate surface scratches that will self-heal such as surface dirt, sand, salt, etc.

Can Paint Protection Film be applied over a vehicle that's been repainted or touched up?

We recommend that any repainted areas on your car be professionally painted and fully cured before applying paint protection film – normally this is a minimum of 4 weeks. If you have touched up scratches or chips with “touch-up” paint and then apply paint protection film over it, the film will protect that area until it is removed. Do note that if the area (stone-chip) is not flat, the raised area may be noticed within the film. If the paint protection film is removed, it is highly possible that the area around the touch-up paint could peel off with the film due to not being painted & repaired professionally.

What's the warranty of the film?

We provide a range of grades of film ranging between 5, 10 and 12 years manufacturers warranty. You will receive a SUNTEK warranty certificate upon picking up your car.

How do you ensure the quality of the installation?

We conduct a full quality and assurance checklist before your car is released to ensure you get the best quality service. We also will hand over a PPF care and maintenance card.

How is the Paint Protection Film maintained?

Once we’ve installed the PPF we recommend not washing it for 5 days until the initial curing period. We give a full care and maintenance guide as part of our aftercare. It runs through the standard 2 bucket wash method that’s the common practice for vehicle washing. Once the film has been applied it will be easier to care for and clean compared to your paintwork.

Clients & Testimonials

Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee
Big Wow and Many thanks to Smilee Design Teams Dean, Cindy and Lee I got my Tesla Model Y PPF and Ceramic coating in and out as whole package and upgraded many others accessories added to the car. Suggested from Dean truly amazing understanding customer needs. The best part was my side decal everyone had big eyes on it massive facelift to the car. Huge thanks to Cindy as art designer. My final words happy hunting and happy ending I'm looking forward my second car. Great work Team
Emily Young
Emily Young
Couldn’t recommend Dean and team more, thank you for their professional assistance and quick turn around for our Nissan Patrol, we love it. It looks so good, thanks so much 😊
Tony B
Tony B
Want to say a massive thank you to Smilee Design and the team. Dean, Lee, Cindy were all a pleasure to work work. I had my Porsche wrapped in Paint Protection Film and the quality of the installation was phenomenal. The service was streamlined and I cannot recommend these guys enough! Will definitely be coming back to do my next car.
Andrew Vaughan
Andrew Vaughan
Did an amazing job with the PPF on my car, also with the window tinting and installed parts. Dean was great to deal with and did everything I asked. Very reasonably priced as well considering the amount of work involved. Can't recommend them enough.
Jimmy Vo
Jimmy Vo
I recently used Smilee Wrap Design to wrap my UTE and I am extremely satisfied with their service! The process was straightforward and they got me booked in a matter of days. The best part was that they installed the wrap in just one day! I was super impressed with their fast turnaround time. Not only that, but their customer service was top-notch. Lee, Dean, Cindy, and the rest of the team were all friendly, helpful, and professional. They listened to my needs and made sure I was completely happy with the end result. Overall, I highly recommend Smilee Wrap Design to anyone looking for high-quality vehicle wraps. Thank you so much to the team for a job well done!
Jayden Nowfal
Jayden Nowfal
Amazing output! Acrylic sign was amazing....Dean and the team provided top service from start to end. I do recommend!
Joe Basile
Joe Basile
Dean and the team at Smilee design did a great job with my Tesla. The window and headlight tinting was professionally done and looks awesome. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Dean and Team
Marem Abounader
Marem Abounader
From the moment we dealt with this company till the very end was outstanding! Very polite staff, quick, and promise to deliver and for sure they did!!! Highly recommend Renovation R-US
fabricio Nishioka Cardoso
fabricio Nishioka Cardoso
I recently had my Land Rover defender 2023 protected with PPF and its windows tinted by Smilee, and I must say they did a great job and could exceed my expectations as well matching the timeframe that I had. The car looks absolutely stunning and on top of that I got some professional photos of the final result. I highly recommend Smilee Design Signs and Wraps for anyone out there.
Bruno Zadeh
Bruno Zadeh
Exeptional team of perfectionist - highly recommended. I have purchase a BMW series 218 and I wanted to do a full wrap. The experience starts during the first phone call, 5 minutes after Dean sent me email with options and images based my budget. We booked a time, then I drop the car. The full wrap took 4 days work and Dean opened on Saturday long weekend of Easter to make sure I can enjoy my car during the weekend. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Then he asked me to come back 2 weeks later to check every little details with the wrap. The team inspected top to bottom. Very impressed by the quality of work and the professionalism.

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